Establishment of a National Information Platform for Nutrition (NIPN), a central hub to convey evidence-
based nutrition and health data to stakeholders in Lao PDR”
The establishment of a national Information Platforms for Nutrition (NIPN) which is capable of generating evidence based nutrition and health information from all sectors in Lao PDR for policy dialogue to improve nutrition programmes, and alleviate malnutrition Read more >>
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Our partners:

  • European Union (EU)
  • The United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF)

Our Stakeholders:

  • Lao Statistic Bureau (LSB)
  • Ministry of Health (MOH)


Latest News


  • Ministry of Education and Sport (MoES)
National Nutrition Data Landscape Updates

The National Information Platform for Nutrition (NIPN) data analysis unit conducted a comprehensive data mapping exercise from 9 – 11 July 2024, to boost accessibility of health & nutrition indicators across all sectors. This exercise marked the second round of...

The NIPN Stakeholder Workshop to Validate 2024 Research Topics

On 8th July 2024, the Socio-Economic Policy Research Institute and the Development Research Institute, as part of the National Information Platforms for Nutrition (NIPN) initiative, held a research validation workshop at the Lao Plaza Hotel.  Mr. Ousavanh...

Raw data on Nutrition Sentinel Surveillance

Raw data on Nutrition Sentinel Surveillance (Round 1) for 2022 and 2023 has been updated on the NIPN data repository, The data represents at national level for monitoring the trend of food and nutrition status of children under 5 years. The dataset can be downloaded...

Education sector data updated to 2023

The education sector data has been refreshed with the latest information, reflecting updates up to 2023, find out here: 

Routine data updated on May 2023

The data for routine monitoring under the maternal and child health of NIPN dashboard section has been updated up to April 2023. However, some data may change over time if you have any enquiry please contact us. The new data could be found here:...

  • Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF)
  • Scaling Up Nutrition Civil Society Alliance in Lao PDR (SUN CSA)

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About Lao PDR

Geography | Source: LSB
Country Area 236800 Km2
Land Area 230800 Km2
Agriculture Area 21004.7 Km2
Forest Area 166300 Km2
Demographic | Source: LSB
Total population (000) 7.5
Total under five population (%) 19.1
Total number of birth (000) 19
Under five mortality rate 28
Infant mortality rate 25
Population below poverty line(%) 18
Nutrition Status of children under 5 (%)
Stunting 32.8
Wasting 10.7
Underweight 24.3
Overweight 2.8
Anemia in Children 44.1
Source: LSIS III (2022)
Infant and Young Child Feeding (%)
Early Initiation of Breastfeeding* 44.9
Exclusive Breastfeeding first 6 months* 45
Appropriate Breastfeeding 50.6
Minimum Diet Diversity* 56.2
Minimum Acceptable Diet 26.2
Source: LSIS II (2017) / *LSIS III (2022)
Maternal and Child Health (%)
Visit Antenatal Care at least once with skilled health personnel* 89.8
No Visit to Antenatal Care 17.9
Delivered in health facility* 78.2
Post-natal health check for the newborn* 64
Source: LSIS II (2017) / *LSIS III (2022)
Water and Sanitation (%)
Using improved water sources of drinking water 86.4
Drink appropriate water treatment method 36.8
Hand-washing facility with soap 63
Using improve sanitation 85.7
Source: LSIS III (2022)

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