Bi-monthly technical meeting for DAU

Feb 23, 2024

The Data Analysis Unit (DAU) of the National Information Platforms for Nutrition held its bi-monthly technical meeting on 15 February 2024 in the meeting room of the Ministry of Planning and Investment building. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Sitthiroth Rasphone, Director General of the Development Research Institute (DRI). Representatives from the data and policy analysis units and UNICEF participated in the meeting.

The meeting’s agenda included several key topics. Firstly, a report on the DAU’s key achievements and challenges in implementing its activities as well as the activity plans for Q2 2024. Secondly, the progress and plan for future capacity building training at both central and subnational levels were discussed. Lastly, the meeting featured presentations on two research topics produced by the DAU in 2023.  These topics will be presented at the upcoming annual nutrition dissemination meeting in early March 2024.

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