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The overall goal of NPAN is to reduce malnutrition among women and children and improve the nutritional status of all Lao people so that they are healthy and have a high quality of life, and thus contribute to the achievement of national socio-economic

development targets by 2025. There are 22 interventions

prioritized to achieve this target.

Nutrition Stakeholder Action Mapping - By Interventions

Food and Agriculture Organization
World Health Organization
United Nations Children’s Fund
Improve and integrate hygiene, clean water, and sanitation systems; increase access and promote hygiene behaviors and practices
Promote production of protein- and calcium-based foods from small animal-raising and fisheries
Nutrition International
World Food Program
Strengthen human resource capacity in all sectors at all levels
Promote production of diverse nutritious crops, vegetables, and fruits through clean agriculture
Promote nutritious and healthy diets through integration into the school curriculum, including small agricultural activities in schools
Emergency Nutrition Network
Develop and implement multisectoral plans for scaling up effective social and behavior change communication (SBCC)
Standardized Monitoring and Assessment of Relief and Transitions
Promote women’s, maternal, infant, and young child nutrition
ENA software for SMART
Promote integrated management of acute malnutrition (IMAM) and treatment of malnutrition in health care facilities
Promote the agriculture value chain system for nutrition
Strengthen institutional capacity, governance, planning, management, and coordination across multiple sectors at all levels
Provide and promote nutritious school lunches