Why invest in nutrition ?

Nutrition is one of the key factors in the growing economy of a country, especially Laos, where it is labour oriented. A healthy population contributes to economic development, and a malnourished population reduces the productivity of human resources and eventually contributes to economic loss.

The research paper Economic Consequences of Malnutrition in Lao PDR (Report, 2021) showed that in 2020, Laos lost 2.66% of its GDP or USD 481,66 million due to malnutrition.Malnutrition in children is a global concern. Approximately 50% of children's deaths are linked to undernutrition. Causes of malnutrition can be multifactorial from conception to 5 years old children. There are several types of malnutrition, each with its own short-term and long-term effects on child development, which may continue to affect their adulthood. Investing in nutrition is one of the most cost-effective drivers for development and prosperity.

Every $1 invested in nutrition can generate $16 in returns. According to the Power of Nutrition, reducing malnutrition could increase a country's overall economic productivity by 11 per cent, as measured by GDP per capita.Right nutrition during childhood is vital for brain and body development to reach their full potential.



2.66% of GDP
USD 481,66 million

Consequences of Malnutrition

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