On this page, you will find data recorded routinely at provincial and district levels using the District Health Information Software (DHIS II) for the Ministry of Health (MOH). The platform provides a repository for managing and storing a long list of routine data from all public health facilities for MOH to assess health and nutrition-related information on a monthly basis.(Some data may change over time)

Infant U1 motality rate

Infant U5 motality rate

Maternal mortality rate

SOURCE: DHIS II Feb/2022 - Apr/2023

Breastfeeding at first hour of life

Incedence of acute respiratory infections

Delivery at health facilities

Incidence of reported diarrhea among children under 5 years old

SOURCE: DHIS II Feb/2022 - Apr/2023

Number of penta 3

ANC coverage

SOURCE: DHIS II Feb/2022 - Apr/2023