The National Nutrition Strategy is based on a holistic causal analysis of the malnutrition situation in Lao PDR and forms a comprehensive approach to address the underlying problems from a ‘farm to table’ food chain perspective. On the basis of this analysis, strategic directions and objectives have been defined: To address the immediate causes (at the individual level), the focus will be on improving nutrient intake and reducing infectious
diseases that affect the biological utilization of food. To address the underlying causes (mainly at the household and community level), there is a need to improve food availability and accessibility. Further, mother and child care practices, environmental health, and access to health services should be improved. Lastly, a number of strategies to address basic causes (mainly at the national level) have been identified. These include improving institutional and human capacity, the collection and dissemination of information, and investments in the field of nutrition and food security. The breadth and depth of the NNS aims to fast track and break the current trends in malnutrition to achieve the priority development goals of the government including the MDGs.

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