Introduction to STATA Training for Data Analysis

Nov 16, 2020

Vangvieng, May  2020

In 2019, within framework of NIPN initiative in LAO PDR, Capacity Need Assessment was conducted among key stakeholders involved to NIPN. As the result of Capacity Need Assessment, Capacity development plan developed. Implementation of capacity development plan is the one of the main priorities of NIPN initiative in LAO PDR.
Training course on STATA is included in the capacity development plan. It was decided that STATA software will be used as main software tool during the training courses on basic and advanced statistics.
This training course is the introduction to STATA. It is expected that this course will give the basic skills and knowledge to participants so that they are able to use STATA in their daily work. Since STATA will be the main software tool for the trainings on basic and advanced statistics, participants will enhance their skills during those trainings.

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