NIPN Dissemination at Salavan Health College by DAU

Feb 19, 2024

The Data Analysis Unit (DAU) held the NIPN dissemination for academia at Salavan Health College on 17 January 2024. The dissemination was co-chaired by Dr. Sitthiroth Rasphone, General Director of Development Research Institute (DRI), Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) and Dr. Khammuan Keokao, Director of Salavan center of primary health care.

The primary goal of the NIPN dissemination was to increase students’ understanding of nutrition research and make them aware of the resources available on a wide variety of nutrition information. In other words, the dissemination aims to inform the availability of research findings, publications, and online resources available on the NIPN website so that they can make use of them for their nutrition related research work.

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