NIPN Dissemination at Savannakhet Health College by DAU

Dec 21, 2023

On 13 December 2023 — The NIPN dissemination was organized at Savannakhet Health College by the Data Analysis Unit. The dissemination was co-chaired by Mr. Nakhonekham Sengchan, Deputy Director of Savannakhet Health College and PhD. Sitthiroth Rasphone, General Director of Development Research Institute (DRI), Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI).

The dissemination’s primary goals were to increase students’ understanding of nutrition in educational settings, to build awareness of the value and necessity of nutrition, and to help students identify resources for additional nutrition information. In other words, the dissemination aims to introduce the products and research findings of the NIPN project for the academic sector to utilize them in their study and research.


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