NIPN data repository is a centralized database for nutrition data in Lao PDR, we host over 100 indicators from different sectors related to nutrition, you can use the search function on the homepage to find the dataset you are interested or you can use the selection filter by sector below the search box to find indicators, below are some tricks and tips to help you find dataset inside this repository more conveniences.

Getting Start

In this repository you can search by keywords of your interest for example nutrition, stunting, wasting, education and more... then you will get the result with the list of indicator that relevant to the keyword; the second option, you can also search by data sources for instance: LSIS1, LSIS2, DHIS2, MICS, and numbers of surveys. The result of the search will be based on the source of data that you search for

How the search function works

The search function can be used to retrieve information from the data repository based on various conditions such as: search by indicator name, sector, or data sources. The search will yield the results based on user inputs, the search function can also retrieve with just only one letter that exist inside the database. However for the most accurate results full meaning of particular indicator would return the most relevant results

How to Visualize data

There are few options to visualize the data in the repository, First option is to use the search box on the homepage then you can click on the visualize function (icon) under the search result to visualize in graph and table. Second option is to use the filter option on the left panel of the homepage to select indicator, geography and the time from the drop-down panel then the visualization will appear on the right hand side. The last option would be click on the name of indicators on the last section of the page then the visualization will be appeared and user is able to change to different types of visualization.

Export Graph and dataset

This repository also allows user to export graph and data for further processing. To export the graph user can use the download graph option from the visualization functions as mentioned above. For exporting the dataset there are options to export data in the form of excel as well it usually on the tab of table visualization, with the table visualization tab there will also have the download button there for download the dataset

Data sources

Data source can be found on the metadata section, where it provides full details of that particular indicator, the data source are in the form of abbreviation which could be found the full term of those abbreviation below on the abbreviation section


  • LSIS: Lao Social Indicator Survey
  • DHIS2: District Health Information version 2
  • LECS: Lao Expenditure and Consumption Survey
  • NNS: National Nutrition Surveillance

List of organization

NIPN is multisector approach, therefore NIPN consists of multiple stakeholder mainly include:

  • Development Research Institute, Ministry of Planing and Investment
  • Lao Academy of Social and Economic Sciences (LASES)
  • Center of Nutrition, Ministry of Health
  • Lao Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Planing and Investment
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Contact technical team

Currently NIPN dashboard and data repository is managed by the Data Analysis Unit within the Development Research Institute, Ministry of Planning and Investment. If there is any technical issue regarding accessing the website or technical issue on data or any other matters please reach out to us by following details:

Data Analysis Unit, DRI, MPI
Tel: 021 716 078
Email: contact.cdrlaos@gmail.com


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