The 3rd intensive training PAU 2023

Oct 9, 2023

The 3rd intensive training on “How to Conduct Policy Analysis Part 2” was held on 25th-29th September 2023 at The Grand Riverside Hotel, Vangvieng District, which continued from the 2nd intensive training on “How to Conduct Policy Analysis Part 1”.

In order to enable the participants to create policy alternatives and provide them with several tools that will help them to make smart recommendations to management. Starting with a review of problem-identification techniques, this part looks at assessing and selling of options, program planning and contingencies, and performance measurement and evaluation. It focussed particularly on the first two out of six steps of policy analytical process.

This workshop will maximize the amount of hands-on learning through the use of case studies and group work. Workshop topics will include:
– Identifying and understanding the causes of a problem through analysis
– Benefit-cost screening
– Creating a recommendation
– Written and verbal briefings
– Project planning and contingencies
– Performance measurement and evaluation and logic models

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