The third quarterly meeting for 2021

Nov 11, 2021

The third quarterly meeting was organized on 9 November 2021 by the blended mode (online and offline participants) The meeting was chaired by Mme. Sisavanh Didaravong, Deputy Director general for CDR and co-chaired by Mr.Vatthana Atanaphone, Project officer, representative of the EU delegation to the Lao PDR, and Ms. Maryam Abdu, head of the PME section, UNICEF Lao PDR, the meeting was participated by the members of data and policy analysis units. The main objectives of the meeting were to report the implementation of the activities in the third quarter, key successes, challenges, and lessons learned. The meeting also presented, discussed, and agreed on the key activities, a work plan for the fourth quarter of both units. Besides,the general concept of NIPN phase I and II was also presented by Mr. Prosper Dakurah, Program specialist, UNICEF Lao PDR.

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